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Civil Rights and Public Acceptance
of Security Research and Applications


The project PRISE aims at contributing to a secure future of the European Union consistent with European citizens’ civil rights - in particular privacy – and their preferences.


In the context of the 7th Framework Programme the European Union is going to expend considerable funding for research on and development of technologies and applications aiming at supporting inner security. In order for these new technologies to not put civil – and in particular privacy – rights in danger, but for them to find a balance between security and personal freedom which complies with the democratic values and the perception of European citizens, PRISE is going to provide criteria and guidelines for privacy enhancing security research and the application of the developed security solutions. As a supporting activity under the PASR programme the project will assist the European Union in shaping forthcoming security research programmes in accordance with its fundamental values.



The guidelines and criteria developed by PRISE for security research and the resulting applications are to enable the European Security Industry and its customers to develop and apply products and services in accordance with the European Union’s fundamental values and its citizens preferences. This will increase public acceptance of security measures and thus the European Union’s credibility as a community of values. Furthermore, the European Security Industry’s competitiveness will be fostered as it will be supported in its efforts to develop products and services especially suitable for the European market and at the same time highlight fundamental law compliance and public acceptance as an advantage in international competition.

PRISE Privacy Enhancing Shaping of Security Research and Technology – A Participatory Approach to Develop Acceptable and Accepted Principles for European Security Industries and Policies

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